Sterling Silver Showgirl (Qty 2)

Black Beauty Showgirl (Qty 2)

Silver Glamazon Showgirl (Qty 2)

Pink Sparkle Showgirl (Qty 2)

Glistening Silver Gown (Qty 2)

Royal Blue and Gold (Qyt 2)

Red Glitz Showgirl (Qty 1)

Fairy Stilts

Peppermint Stilts

Oh Marie Red Rose (Qty 1)

Oh Marie Blue Bird Cage (Qty 1)

Sassy Lassies Pirates (Qty 2)

Fire Red and Yellow Showgirl (Qty 2)

Marie Antoinette Strolling Table

Paradise Pink Showgirl (Qty 4)

Candy Color Showgirl (Qty 2)

Halloween Hotties Showgirl* (Qty 2)

Uncle Sam Showgirl* (Qty 2)

Pink and Blue Beauty Showgirl* ( Qty 3)

Red Star Burst Showgirl (Qty 4)

Purple and Gold Topper Showgirl (Qty 3)

Paradise Pink Showgirl (Qty 4)

Showgirl Sunrise * (Qty 4)

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